July 27, 2019

How You Met: At lunch, my (Shelby’s) friend ran into some people from her church. She told me I should go to the Young Professionals Group at Shades Mountain Baptist Church because “a cute guy joined recently” and we would “look really cute together.” I laughed it off, but eventually attended the group. The “cute guy,” Jim, was in the same class! Another member brought him over to meet me. Jim introduced himself and sat next to me during the class. The rest was history!

The Proposal: Jim and I had been talking about marriage for a few months. But the Saturday he proposed, Dec. 15, he was determined not to make plans with me and I was getting upset. The one weekend we both had off, we weren’t going anywhere or doing anything fun. I had talked him into getting lunch, and on the way back, Jim said, “OK, I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes. We are going on a date.” Jim picked me up, and during the entire car ride I was trying to guess what we were doing. He kept quiet and all the backroads kept throwing me off. He ended up at our favorite place to walk, Jemison Park. (I still have no idea how he got there.) He parked the car and was like, “Let’s go for a walk.” He turned towards me and said he had been waiting 27 years to find me. He then got choked up, paused for a second, and told me he loved me. He then got on one knee. I was so happy!

What You Are Doing Now: Living in Shelby County and loving the newly married life!

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Venues: Mountain Brook Baptist Church and Inverness Country Club

Florist: Bloom and Petal

Cakes: Magic Muffins

Invitations: Minted

Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander

Hair & Makeup: Kendall Vickery