Nurturing treatments for summer skin damage

By Emily Salillas

Manager, St. Vincent’s Spa One Nineteen


August is an eagerly-anticipated month at St. Vincent’s Spa One Nineteen. As area families return to school routines, busy parents will now have more time to assess whole-family health concerns, including the toll our sunny summers take on our largest and fastest-growing body organ – our skin.

Each August we see clients with dehydrated, sun-damaged skin. Beach weeks, family lake weekends and general summer distractions can take a significant toll on skin health. Here’s what our Spa One Nineteen professionals are likely to suggest as clients seek to repair the results of too much summer sun fun:

1. Protect from further sun damage. Unlike the typical mass-marketed products, a medical grade broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as our Obagi option, protects from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays. Although Alabamians are wise to use such a sunscreen year-round, August and September are particularly risky months for burns.

2. Get a complimentary customized consult. Many adults don’t know which cleansers and moisturizers are best for their skin types. Our spa estheticians can advise on specific products and consistent maintenance routines, including gentle cleansers and effective moisturizers that provide real results.

3. Understand how important your skin is to your health. In addition to providing products and treatments, our professionals can also advise on how a client’s skin health might reflect their overall wellness. Our Spa One Nineteen estheticians can refer clients to other experts within the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen complex for help with nutrition, stress-reducing exercise, smoking cessation, diagnostics and other whole-health concerns.

4. Consider a jumpstart. Although skin recovery can’t always be immediate, a Spa One Nineteen facial, peel or microdermabrasion treatment can speed the process. New options as well as tried-and-true favorites abound. Our great hydrating treatments include a lactic facial from glo-minerals. We also have a great new berry antioxidant serum from Kerstin Florian that would be an amazing August jumpstart for fall skin wellness.

We look forward to seeing and serving area residents soon, especially since we are offering particular product values this month. Obagi is offering a rare one-day sale at our Spa on August 19, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. That makes August an exceptional time to stock up on protective and restorative skin care products, including that all-important broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Emily Salillas is the manager of St. Vincent’s Spa One Nineteen.