Four-man band Three on a String will perform at the Shelby County Arts Council's Black Box Theater on Sept. 25.

Four-man band Three on a String will perform at the Shelby County Arts Council’s Black Box Theater on Sept. 25.

Feel-good music: Three on a String entertains crowds with songs, comedy

Story by Lindsay Dyess

Photograph Contributed

When you talk about Three on a String, it’s hard not to smile.

This seasoned band of musicians has found a way to perfectly blend music and humor into an evening that will not soon be forgotten.

As a fan favorite at the Shelby County Arts Council they return once again to the Black Box Theater on Sept. 25 to bring their legendary show to life.

The group, made up of Jerry Ryan, Bobby Horton, Andy Meginniss and Brad Ryan, recently celebrated 45 years of making music together.

And what a ride it has been! It all began when Jerry Ryan and Horton played a six-song set at a music festival at Horse Pen 40.

After the festival someone suggested they add a bass to their sound, and thus Three on a String was born!

Since then, Three on a String has spent their days playing their music all over the country in places such as New York, Texas, Miami, California and New Orleans.

They have even ventured to Canada several times to perform.

No matter where their music takes them, they are always glad to put on a show for people.

“We want folks to feel better when they leave our show,” Brad Ryan says. “It doesn’t matter the venue or the amount of people. You go do your thing and do it the very best you can. Just entertain the folks.”

It’s difficult to place Three on a String’s music in a specific genre.

Their style ranges anywhere from folk to country and even some old rock with a comedy twist.

Their music will definitely make you want to clap your hands and tap your toes, whether they’re playing original songs or covering old favorites.

The group members effortlessly play off of each other’s humor to bring a funny and family friendly show to the stage complete with comedy sketches and funny songs.

“It’s good to get out and see good, quality, clean entertainment. That is what we hope to provide,” Ryan says.

Not only has the band had a remarkable career, but each member has an impressive résumé as well.

Horton also performs history-based solo shows and has recorded hours of music featured on several Ken Burns documentaries shown on public television.

Horton wrote and produced The Rick and Bubba theme song for the nationally syndicated radio team.

Former teacher, coach and high school principal Jerry Ryan left his job to pursue a musical career and never looked back.

In 2011, veteran musician Meginniss was elected to the Alabama Bluegrass Hall of Fame.

There is no end of talent when it comes to Three on a String.

See these incredible musicians at the Shelby County Arts Council on Sunday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. You will not be disappointed by the hilarious and fun show they put on for the whole family. “Let’s get together and reminisce, laugh, sing and just have a good time,” Ryan says.

Be sure to purchase tickets for this performance early, they will go fast! Tickets are $25.

The doors open at 2 p.m., performance begins at 1:30 p.m.

For more information on this event or to purchase tickets, please visit or call (205) 669-0044.