Roy Sewell

Roy Sewell

“Beautiful scenery, the outdoors and great healthcare”

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Roy Sewell is the president of Greystone Golf and Country Club. He and his wife, Cathy, have two grown daughters, Melissa and Heather. The University of Georgia graduate started out as a pharmacist but spent the majority of his career with

Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals in Sales and Marketing. Upon retirement, Sewell and a business partner opened their own business in the automotive and finance sector.

Q: What changes and milestones have you witnessed at the club over the years?

A: During my 12 years as a member, I have observed many significant and positive changes at Greystone. These include the membership purchasing the club from the Daniel Corporation and becoming a member owned club.

In 2014, the club signed an agreement with the Senior PGA Tour to host the first major tournament on the Senior Tour schedule (Regions Tradition) for a three-year period from 2016-2018.  This is somewhat of a “homecoming” as Greystone hosted the Bruno’s Memorial Classic Senior Tour event from 1992-2005.

Additionally, in 2014, Greystone began a major building initiative where we built a new Golf Operations Facility at the Founders Course, a new teaching center at the Legacy Course (both are now open) and are in the process of completing a complete renovation of the Founders Clubhouse lower level which will house a state-of-the-art fitness center, child care, massage therapy, a new restaurant, bar and kitchen allowing us to better serve our current and new members as well as host larger and better events.

Q: What are your thoughts on Greystone hosting the Regions Tradition tournament in May 2016?

A: The membership sees this as a true homecoming as the Senior Tour returns to Greystone following its departure at the end of 2005. This time, however, the PGA Senior Tour returns as a major, which means a four-day tournament with the best golfers in the world. This is exciting for the membership as well as the entire Birmingham community. This event highlights the entire city of Birmingham and Shelby County as the world’s best Senior Tour players converge upon Birmingham, live television coverage is on the Golf Channel (providing great exposure for the community) and the event significantly benefits the entire city financially.

Q: What are Greystone Golf and Country Club’s plans moving forward?

A: One of our goals is ensuring that the Champions Tour event is outstanding and we would like to see it remain at Greystone beyond the current contract period … The club will soon begin to initiate dialogue regarding a new medium- to long-term strategic plan that will look at our other facilities such as swim and tennis and begin to think about future needs.

It is our belief that for the club to be a premier country club, we must continue to deliver the best experience for our members while creating a club that attracts new members. Growth in membership, the experience we deliver to our current membership along with staying current with the changing needs and expectations of members/potential members is our key to success now and in the future.

Q: What do you love about Shelby County?

A: Having never been to Birmingham prior to moving here, the first thing that attracted us to the community was the topography. My wife and I love mountains and Shelby County provides beautiful scenery to enjoy … We also enjoy the outdoors and enjoy hiking and the lakes in the area. Now that our children are grown, we enjoy the various restaurants and shopping that are available close to Greystone while the also having easy access to events that take place in downtown Birmingham. Additionally, Shelby County offers some of the best in health care resources in the Southeast.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Golf, hiking and starting to enjoy canoeing and kayaking with my wife. Wife loves animal rescue and transport as well as crocheting.

Q: What is your favorite meal?

A: My wife’s beef stroganoff.

Q: What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do or learn?

A: Have always had an interest in learning to fly a small plane. If I were as successful at flying as golf, it would not be a pretty picture.