We anticipate 2018 to have renewed promises, commitments and goals, yet what does that look like for you?


Lisa Phillips
Owner of SimpleWorks

As we turn the calendar, chances are you’re faced with activities and commitments that you planned a few months ago. Most people had their new calendar downloaded or bought back during football season and created a blurred line between last year and this month. We anticipate 2018 to have renewed promises, commitments and goals, yet what does that look like for you? What’s your “that?” You know, the inner peace that comes from juggling everything on your plate: career, spouse, children, hobbies, friendships, spiritual beliefs, health, etc. Do you call “that” having “balance,” or “harmony,” or “happiness,” or maybe “just livin’ the good life?” We all know what we want “that” to feel like; we search for it daily. Yet how do we know if we ever find “that?” Whenever you’re feeling like “that” isn’t happening, check to see if these six things are getting your attention and focus.

  • Faith. Bible study, Sunday sermons, small groups, quiet time. What do you need to fill your spiritual cup? The season you’re entering may be quite different than anything in the past, so be open to change.
  • Family. Date night, turn the TV off, family dinner at a table with phones left in the other room. It’s not quantity but quality that’s the most important aspect in reconnecting with your kids and spouse.
  • Fitness. Take a walk during your lunch hour, get up early and hit the gym, join a softball league. Exercise is important and you have time for anything that’s a priority in your life. With a gym on every corner and open all night, the excuses are disappearing right before our eyes.
  • Fun. Go to the movies, dinner with friends, take a vacation. Whatever makes you smile and relax is what defines fun for you. Letting go of stress is as important for our health as the food we eat. And don’t forget to laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.
  • Finances. Financial worries (along with death of a spouse and moving) are one of the top three stresses in our lives. Be proactive in knowing your accounts and balances, stay up on when bills are due and live within your budget.
  • Faculty. This area is dedicated to your career. Consider allotting an hour a week to push through wrapping up loose ends that are hanging over you. When you dedicate even 60 minutes to “cleaning up” all those little things you haven’t had time for, it won’t take long for you to feel back on top of things.

No matter who seems to have their “that,” they all share these six fundamental cornerstones in one way or another. When you focus on making sure you are touching all these “F’s” each week, you’ll be saying “I’ve got that!” What a great feeling to kick off the New Year. It’s that simple.