Dismals Waterfall by Panya Serrano.

Dismals Waterfall by Panya Serrano.

Shelby County Camera Club nurtures local photographers

Story by Laura Brookhart

Contributed photos

Shelby County has no shortage of beautiful scenery – or artists and photographers to capture those scenic views.

The Shelby County Camera Club is one such group. Founded by Ted Vodde in April 2014, the club nurtures photographers of all levels of experience and interest.

“Once I learned of the club,” said Delos Johnson, who generated and maintains the club’s Facebook page, “I sent notices to all my social media photographer friends and invited them to attend the next meeting. A few actually took me up on it and some of those have chosen to remain members.”

Johnson has been a photography hobbyist with some on again, off again professional work since around 1965.

“These days I’m enjoying the hobby and teach an occasional class on image post processing to anyone who wants to improve his/her skill for finishing images.”

Shelby Hotel by Delos Johnson

Shelby Hotel by Delos Johnson

Ready to share the technical processes that today’s photographer will most find helpful, Johnson has made free presentations on Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw Deconstructed and Digital Post Processing 101 to the Shelby County Camera Club and Shades Valley Camera Club.

The club has recruited presentations such as “To The Ends Of The Earth – An Antarctica Journey” presented by Yvonne Brakefield Knowles, who experienced and shared an item from her ultimate bucket  list—literally going to the ends of the earth. Knowles flew from Birmingham to Argentina then boarded a French ship that took her through the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

David Frings, now with Oak Mountain Interpretive Center, has shared photos from his work—close-up views of native birds and creatures there, as well as from a trip to Big Sur, California. Hank Siegel has presented a learning session and discussion on How to See Light as an Artist.

At each meeting, members (and guests) are invited to bring their latest photo efforts to share with the group. The group also apprises members of photo opportunities they can attend solo or join when a group trip comes together.

Sarah Jones is a club member who has spent most of her photographic journey shooting film.

Floral Collage by Sarah Jones

Floral Collage by Sarah Jones

“I love photography. It’s the world’s greatest hobby because you can get lost in it to whatever extent you want and the creative possibilities are endless,” she said. “I’ve always been ‘the one with the camera’ and I strive to capture images that show a different view from the usual — a different angle, a capture closer than the naked eye might see or lighting that emphasizes a special nuance.”

Panya Serrano is an Alabama native and club member who has always enjoyed photography and nature.

“I’ve captured landscape and macro photographs for the last 15 years,” Serrano said. “Last year I joined the SCCC to share and learn with other photo enthusiasts.”

The club welcomes those with all levels of photography experience and interest. The club meets monthly at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, 858 Kent Dairy Road, Alabaster. Dates are posted on the club’s Facebook page.