For the past seven years, Rebecca Thrasher Burchfield has served the Pelham Public Library as library supervisor for children’s services. Some of her favorite children’s stories are ones about love. Here, Rebecca recommends these five book selections for parents and children to bond over during this love-filled season.

Bear in Love

By Daniel Pinkwater & Will Hillenbrand | Children’s Fiction

Bear discovers he has a secret admirer, who keeps leaving him treats in the woods. First, they left something orange and pointy with green leaves on one end right outside his cave. The next morning they left two of these yummy surprises! Should he leave something tasty in return like some honey or blueberries? Bear tries to stay up to find out the identity of this mystery friend. Who could it be?

XO, Ox a Love Story

By Adam Rex & Scott Campbell | Children’s Fiction

Ox thinks that Gazelle is the most glamorous and beautiful creature around, so he decides to write her a letter. When Gazelle sends a form letter in return, Ox does not recognize her rejection. He keeps writing to her, and she keeps writing back, getting more and more frustrated with his lack of understanding. As Ox’s love for her grows, will Gazelle ever see him as anything other than clumsy and unlovable?

Ways to Grow Love

By Renée Watson | Children’s Fiction

Ryan Hart is super excited for her first time at sleepaway camp! Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan, when an unexpected camper takes up all of her best friend’s time while being not so friendly to Ryan. She is also waiting on a new baby sister, who just might shake up everything at home. Ryan loves her friends and family, but is there enough love to go around with all of these new changes?

Kristy’s Big Day: A Graphic Novel

By Ann M. Martin & Gale Galligan | Tween Fiction

In this Babysitters Club graphic novel, Kristy Thomas is gearing up to be a bridesmaid in her mom’s upcoming wedding. With so much to plan for, including the 14 kids who will be in town for the big event, Kristy has her hands full! It is a good thing she has her friends in the Babysitters Club to help. Are they all up to their biggest challenge yet?

Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Planet Girl

By Tommy Greenwald | Tween Fiction

Charlie Joe Jackson is in the middle of a middle school crisis–he is the only one of his friends who is still single! Charlie Joe has to do something about this, so he (reluctantly) goes to the library to look for help. There, he finds exactly what he needs, a book to help him communicate with girls. Now, the tables are turned, and everyone is asking him for love advice. Charlie Joe wants to get a girlfriend in time for the school dance, but could he be going after the wrong girl?