At Bullet Coffee Co., the only thing faster than the coffee’s effect is the drive-through service.


There’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee to get the day started, especially if that tasty beverage is just a quick drive-through away. Now, residents have a new place to enjoy their tasty beverages and snacks on the go at Bullet Coffee Co.

Located on Hwy. 280 next to Lowe’s, the coffee shop opened on Jan. 9 and had its grand opening Jan. 18. While Bullet Coffee is new, owner Brantley Visser’s love for this industry isn’t. A Birmingham native, Visser got his start in the food and beverage business back when he was just 15 years old and says he’s always liked that atmosphere. After high school, he attended Auburn University for two years, but decided to come back home and go in a different direction.

Visser went to culinary school at Jefferson State Community College and began working for Starbucks on Alabama 119. He stayed there for four years and decided it was time to leave and pursue a culinary career. However, before he could go in that direction, he heard from his friend Chris Zarzaur about working at his new coffee shop, Red Mountain Expresso in Homewood, with partner Sam Plaia.

“I managed Red Mountain for two years until I bought into the business in 2014,” Visser explains. “After running the business with Sam Plaia for the last four years, we decided to broaden our footprint and open up a new location.”

That sparked the idea for Bullet Coffee, and it wasn’t difficult for them to decide where to open their newest shop. “It only made sense that 280 — where I lived and worked for so long — would be the destination,” Visser says. “We started Bullet Coffee Co. as a similar business to Red Mountain Expresso but changed a few things in the process. We have some different food options and a new, sleeker look but carry most of the same items.”

Like Red Mountain Expresso, Bullet Coffee is a drive-through-only concept, and Visser says it allows them to deliver a fast, face-to-face experience to fellow locals. “I love the coffee scene, but unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to go to a coffee shop every day to sit down,” he says. “We strive to deliver that experience of your local barista with high-end beverages at their speed.”

They offer a variety of drinks that are sure to help people start — or get through — the day. Visser’s personal favorites from their menu are the Turtle, which has chocolate, caramel and butter pecan, and the Vulcan, which has white chocolate, brown sugar and cinnamon.

They also have other specialty drinks like the Rush Hour, with white chocolate and caramel, and the So Good, which has caramel, hazelnut and cinnamon. For anyone looking for a more classic drink, they also serve brewed coffee, café latte, Americano, cappuccino, café au lait, mocha and a two-shot espresso. Their brewed coffee is available in a house blend, bold French roast or in the flavor of the day. “We strive to have the best lattes and specialty beverages out there,” V

isser says.


But there’s more to Bullet Coffee than just its enticing coffee and drinks. Customers can also pick up a tasty treat or healthier option when they stop by. Their breakfast menu includes banana nut bread, chocolate and blueberry muffins, iced lemon bread, cinnamon rolls and yogurt parfaits with homemade gluten-free granola.

For lunch, they serve Asian chicken salad, strawberry fields salad with balsamic dressing, chicken wraps with chips and broccoli salad and different pax. They have deli (chicken, cheese and grapes), fruit (strawberry, grapes, orange and yogurt) and protein (almond butter, crackers, grapes and boiled egg) pax, which are quick lunch or snack options.

Customers can enjoy their breakfast and lunch menu items throughout the day, giving them the option to get all of their meals and drinks at one time. “We serve all of our food items all day long,” he says. “This is something we really love because you can bring lunch to the office while getting your morning coffee for the day or have an afternoon snack with a pastry or pax.”

Owner Brantley Visser stands in his new coffee shop.

Visser’s passion for the coffee shop and its customers is evident and something anyone who stops by Bullet Coffee will surely appreciate. “We have the highest quality coffee served all face-to-face,” he says. “We are a local, one-store-only company that strives on personal connection and customer service.”

Bullet Coffee is located at 5299 U.S. 280 in Birmingham and is open Monday to Friday 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit