The Second Annual Festival of Tulips is planned at American Village.


Over 100,000 tulips have been planted for this year’s Festival of Tulips at the American Village, with a backdrop of historically-inspired buildings.

By Melanie Poole | Photo by Keith McCoy

Last year, the American Village in Montevallo debuted a new seasonal spring event – The Festival of Tulips. Their field of 75,000 tulips created a lot of buzz and turned the heads of drivers as they passed the Alabama 119 campus. During the Festival, over 3,800 people visited the American Village, strolling through row after row of colorful blooms, taking photos, and picking flowers and bulbs to take home.

This year, the American Village promises the Festival of Tulips will be even bigger – with over 100,000 flowers. Workers began prepping the planting beds last November and planting bulbs in early December. Two thousand bulbs in each of 50 different varieties have been planted. “Smooch,” “Blushing Lady” and “El Nino” are just three of the 30 new varieties visitors will see this year. Every color from white “Clearwater” to the almost black “Queen of Night” have been planted. Some of last year’s favorites – “Carmon Rio,” a multi-flowered yellow and red striped tulip, and “Gentle Giants,” a mix of large pink tulips – are returning this year.

The Festival of Tulips will once again provide a fantastic outing for clubs, groups and families. The event is perfect for motorcoach tours as well. The field of over 100,000 tulips, with replicas of some of America’s most historic places as a backdrop, creates a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity, so bring your camera.

As the only you-pick tulip field in the region, visitors can take home armfuls of beautiful blooms. Tulips will be $1.50 each, bulb included. (The flowers last longer if left on the bulb until you get them home.)

The Festival of Tulips at the American Village will be open Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday 12-4 p.m. beginning in early spring and continuing through mid-April (depending on weather and bloom time). The Village advises that you check their website and Facebook page beginning in February to find out the date the tulip field will open. Opening will be determined when about 20 percent of the tulips are in bloom.

In addition to experiencing the tulips, visitors can take part in Colonial games, encounter patriots of the past, experience the Continental Army encampment, Colonial Chapel, Randall Museum and National Veterans Shrine.

Weekday admission to the American Village Festival of Tulips will be $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and youth, and free to veterans, active military and children 4 and under. Weekend admission will be $5. There is a group discount and catering option for groups of 20 or more that book in advance for a weekday trip. Call Jodie Wasyluka at (205) 665-3535 extension 1045 for more information on group tours.


2018 is “The Year of the Tulip” – so named by the National Garden Bureau, whose purpose is to educate, inspire and motivate consumers to increase their use of flowers and plants in homes, gardens and workplaces.