Eye surgeries slated for St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Outpatient Surgery Center

By Price Kloess, MD, ophthalmologist at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen

For seven years, I have seen patients in my St. Vincent’s One Nineteen office, and now I’m eager to offer them another outpatient surgical site option on the One Nineteen campus. The facility is currently expanding its campus to offer an outpatient surgery center, urgent care, and additional physician offices later this year.

The new outpatient option will not only make same-day surgery more accessible and convenient to many patients, but also offer a state-of-the-art surgical facility in what is one of the premiere aesthetic medical campuses in the state.

St. Vincent’s One Nineteen already offers a wide range of specialties to area residents, and it’s exciting to see that list of services only grow with the expansion. My patients will benefit from easy access to all the latest technology for outpatient ophthalmologic procedures.

The most common surgery we perform is cataract. And now, we’ll be able to do a laser-type cataract surgery here, which is pretty exciting. We’ll also be doing glaucoma surgery, too.

Many of my younger patients are interested in several types of refractive surgeries, which eliminate their need for eye glasses or contacts. One of those procedures, refractive lens exchange, is performed through techniques similar to cataract surgery. Refractive lens exchange allows some patients to discard their bifocals. With the expansion, we’ll be able to do all of that surgery on the One Nineteen campus.

I expect more cataract and glaucoma patients to follow their doctors’ suggestions to seek surgery sooner, before their vision is significantly impaired, when they have closer-to-home options.

St. Vincent’s One Nineteen’s calm atmosphere and easy parking lessens my patients’ stress levels. Those who live within ten miles of the facility have experienced the convenience of seeing their doctors here. This outpatient surgical option will give them this same convenience.

And, we only expect our surgical services to grow on the One Nineteen campus, to a fuller complement of offerings.

To learn more about the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen expansion and its “Healthcare Like No Other” services, visit onenineteen.com.