Fake News

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Lisa Philips
Owner of SimpleWorks
(205) 981 – 7733

Have you ever questioned yourself about “who do you listen to?” With the bombardment of social media, it’s a slippery slope on fact versus opinion, and the difference can get very blurry. Think about who you hang around with most. Typically, they have the most influence over you … your decisions, your thoughts, your actions and your vision. For some, that can be a positive thing—if you’ve aligned yourself with those who have values you respect and admire. For some, bad advice may be leading you down the wrong road. Why are you listening to this person? Are you listening to an “expert in their field” or “I don’t know facts but my opinion is important?” Many of us “listen” to someone’s opinion and take it as truth. Same goes for reading something and believing it. You might hear a co-worker say, “I read/heard that moisturizer clogs your pores.” Do you question this by asking, “Tell me more about the person who wrote that; how does their skin look; is there something to back that up?” You’re thinking it, so go ahead and say it. “Thank you for sharing that. Tell me, is this your opinion or have you spent time and studied this topic?” Consider their answer before falling into their beliefs and opinions.

Who are you listening to in the area of finances, child rearing, marriage and health? For finances: Pick five people whose values and advice are similar to yours. For health: Pick five people that know and show their passion for feeling good and eating good. For marriage: You may want to avoid taking advice from your best friend who’s been divorced three times. Is this the person you allow to whisper in your ear? Your five people can be different for the different areas of your life, but all will have experience, knowledge and your respect.

With so many avenues and channels for our “news and advice,” it’s easy to get dizzy on what to believe and what to dismiss. When you surround yourself with excellence, you become excellence in all areas of your life. You “become” like the five people you’re around most! Build your tribe. Choose wisely. It’s that simple.