The American Village is mroe than just an idyllic expanse of farmland dotted with colonial-style buildings. Its educational programs are proof.


By Melanie Poole
Photo Contributed

Judy Gray, who has taught elementary school students for over 25 years, gives the American Village high praise for their educational programs.

“I can say with complete honesty that our trip to American Village was the most fun, educational and inspiring trip of my career,” she said. “Not only did my students get to experience colonial life, but you did an equally beautiful job of instilling a love of this great country.”

Other educators have similar things to say.

“The program goes perfectly with our history book,” Reyndy Ammens, Morgan Academy, said. “Wonderful reinforcement – actors were knowledgeable and motivating. The American Village is our best field trip each year.”

“Awesome, awesome field trip,” Kathy Galati, Providence Christian School, said. “So very worth the six-hour round trip drive. Thank you.”

“Thank you,” R. Davis, Cornerstone School, said. “Better than wonderful.”

“The most motivating experience during the program was the interpreters’ revelations about independence,” Dawn Howard, Vincent High School, said. “Each was passionate in his (or) her own way about freedom. I love living history and that students interact and take part in their own learning. I want my students to experience history first hand and see, hear and feel the story of it. Wonderful experience.”

“Thank you for bringing history alive,” Sherry Willis, Rankin Elementary in Tupelo Mississippi, said.
“To see the students’ ‘ah-ha’ moments when things ‘clicked’ and became clear to them after seeing it played out in real life is exceptional. We had almost 40 people in our group, and it was unanimously agreed upon that this was the best field trip we have been on in ages,” Cynthia Bible, Grace Homeschoolers, said. “Kids and parents alike learned so much.”

The American Village is a museum of ideas, where visitors step onto the stage of American history with a talented and passionate staff and explore the ideals of American liberty and self-government.

Each day during the school year, hundreds of pre-K-12 students converge on the American Village. They are fully engaged and captivated as they experience stories of the past that become real, personal and relevant, helping them understand who we are as Americans today.

On a typical day, one can see students taking risks in colonial Boston, preparing to debate Patrick Henry’s Virginia resolves for independence, enthusiastically drilling in Washington’s Army at Yorktown and serving as delegates to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia.

Recent additions to the American Village’s educational offerings are two programs designed for pre-K through kindergarten students. Living America’s Story: An American Christmas gets children into the spirit of Christmas as they gather in the Chapel to sing familiar Christmas songs. They enjoy the tale of “Twas the Night Before Christmas Mouse,” learn to dance, cut our gingerbread cookies and play 18th Century games.

The second pre-K through kindergarten program is called Colonial Story Time Adventures. This experience brings to life the great patriotic children’s story Yankee Doodle Dandy, as told by Ellis the Elephant. Join in a story time adventure and travel through time to discover moments that have shaped our nation’s unique history, including Betsy Ross and the making of the American flag, life at John and Abigail Adams’ homestead (with a pretend farm) and Paul Revere’s Ride.

For information about educational programs at the American Village, contact School Reservationist Jessica Averett at (205) 665-3535 ext. 1062, 1-877-811-1776 or