The Greystone Golf & Country Club will host the Regions Tradition 2016-2018.

The Greystone Golf & Country Club will host the Regions Tradition 2016-2018.

Greystone Golf & Country Club celebrates milestone anniversary

Story By Lauren Dowdle

Photos By Dawn Harrison

There’s so much more to the Greystone Golf & Country Club than its renowned golf courses, which is just one of the reasons the Club continues to thrive after a quarter century.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Club’s leadership took some time to look back at its rich history — and it’s definitely come a long way.

When the Club opened in 1991, it originally was Greystone Golf Club and was strictly a men’s golf club.

But as the demand for a wider range of activities increased, it became the Greystone Golf & Country Club, says Ashley Fuentes, membership director. Now, the Club has 760 members.

“During the years, Greystone has transformed into a family club,” says David Porter, who has been the general manager since April 2015.

Since the first round of golf was played on the lush greens, Greystone has constantly evolved and added new facilities for their members to enjoy.

Most recently, Greystone’s new restaurant will open its doors on the lower level of the Founders Clubhouse in April. “We’re excited to open the restaurant six days a week and offer contemporary country club cuisine,” Porter says.

The Club also expanded its fitness center in late 2015 to 4,000 square feet. Members now have 24/7 access to the facility, which includes a variety of innovative equipment, a large energized group fitness room, massage therapy/treatment rooms and indoor and outdoor lounge areas.

They also debuted their new Golf Performance Center in 2015. This 2,500-square-foot space has three teaching bays with high-definition live streaming video, 3D motion capture, a golf gym and more. Mark Blackburn, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher in America, coaches beginners to PGA Tour professions in the Greystone Golf Performance Center.

The Club’s transformation during the years has also included building a tennis center with 14 courts, three swimming pools, two clubhouses with dining, space for social events and going from an 18-hole course to a 36-hole club with two courses, says Fuentes, who has been with the Club since November 2003.

But these new facilities aren’t the only things gaining national attention. The Club has also held several well-known golf events during the years.

Greystone hosted the Bruno’s Memorial Classic for 14 years, ending in 2005, and the players voted the Club as the No. 1 stop on the Champions Tour two of those years.

Now, Greystone is preparing for the Regions Tradition, which will take place at the Founders Course May 18-22. They will also host the event in 2017 and 2018.

“We’re excited to again partner with the Champions Tour and bring the tournament back home to Greystone,” says Steve Smith, director of golf, who has been with the Club since April 1996.

The Club has also seen several famous faces during the years, from celebrities and athletes to distinguished political figures.

“Adam Sandler came to Greystone and showed us his Billy Madison golf swing — kidding, but he did enjoy a round at Greystone,” Steve says. “Condoleezza Rice and Michael Jordan are just a couple of the distinguished members who make up Greystone’s prestigious roster.”

Bob Hope also hosted the first Bruno’s Memorial Classic at Greystone in 1992.

“People can expect Greystone to be one of the top clubs in the country,” Porter says. “Members can expect second-to-none services and events. As the Club grows and we reach 1,000 members, we will look at more projects such as a state-of-the-art aquatics center.”

Just as important as keeping the Club at a high level is the staff’s dedication to its members.

“We are thankful to be a part of our members’ family traditions throughout the years,” Fuentes says. “It’s a pleasure watching our members’ families and children grow and develop. We are also thankful to be a part of a growing, dynamic club that is progressing daily.”

In 2009, the members purchased the Club from Daniel Corporation. “We are a member-owned club, which allows members open access and input in the direction of the club,” says Terry Smith, club president.

It really is all about building those relationships and the personal aspect of being a part of the Club.

“My favorite part about working with the club is meeting new people,” Terry says. “Our members are active, engaging people from across the country and of varied, interesting backgrounds. In a time where a genuine local community is hard to find, we have it here at Greystone.”

The Club has also played a large role in Terry’s personal life.

“Like most members, my top moments are unique to me and my family,” Terry says. “In addition to the countless dinners and great rounds we have enjoyed, my sons and I have a 25-year tradition of playing golf on Father’s Day. We also hosted my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner at Greystone.”

After a quarter century of innovative additions, it’s exciting to see where the Club will be in another 25.

“The Club is the cornerstone of the 1,350 home gated community,” Porter says. “We’re proud to say that we are a progressive, dynamic and growing Club.”

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