The Shelby County Arts Council’s Pottery Collective is open to new and seasoned potters alike.

The pottery artists of the Shelby County Arts Council have found a niche in the arts community. They have spent many years working to shape a group of individuals who spend their time supporting and inspiring one another. Members of the SCAC’s Pottery Collective have seen the benefits of sharing their efforts not only with themselves, but the impact it can have on the community.

Pottery Collective member Amy Pickens has always had an interest in the arts. Although she has worked as a jewelry designer since college, she picked up pottery to try something new. Since those first classes, she has only improved.

The Pottery Collective has been an avenue for Amy to share her work with others and sell a few pieces along the way. “The Pottery Collective was formed by several of the SCAC pottery students getting together and pooling resources to participate in some local art festivals,” she says. “Sharing booth fees, cost of materials, labor and sharing inspiration and emotional support is the key to the Collective.”

Artists of all skill levels and artistic styles work together in the Collective. Some artists have a more sculptural style, whereas others prefer to create work on a pottery wheel. The work is as diverse as its artists. “Working with the Pottery Collective allows the individual artist the freedom to create artistic work without restraint. Those potters with experience are encouraged to help out those of us just starting out,” she says. “You can always learn something from a fellow artist.”

The Pottery Collective artists participate in a number of art festivals and shows around the county. Every August, they gather in the SCAC gallery in Columbiana for one of their biggest events: the annual Pottery Collective Gallery Exhibit. This year’s show will feature work by artists Candye Lundy, Karen Ingram, Amy Pickens, Marian Grainger, Renee Tew, Nita Terrell, Matt Bridges, Peggy Wood and Sandra Annonio.

The gallery exhibit will be open on Sunday, Aug. 5 from 1-4 p.m. This is a cash-and-carry exhibit, and nearly everything will be on sale. Items will range from functional serveware to beautiful statement pieces. There is something for everyone at this exhibit. Stop by and support this talented community of artists.

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