Barry O’Hare isn’t new to the restaurant industry, or even to hamburgers. But last year, he realized he wanted to try something new with his existing eatery.


In June 2017, Barry reopened what was previously Brava Rotisserie Grill as The Craft Burger. His mission is to serve up tasty, all-American burgers with fresh ingredients and his signature Craft Sauce – a tangy mayo sauce that’s also good with French fries. Read on to learn more about this burger joint and the man who runs it.

In your words, what makes a burger a Craft Burger?

Barry O’Hare: TLC, fresh ingredients, not frozen. It all starts with the ingredients. There’s no disguising it. The unique thing about the craft burger is the sauce. The meat-to-cheese ratio, I think, is very important. It makes it kind of a gooey burger. We usually do American cheese, but we also have Swiss and cheddar. American melts the best.

Who made your favorite burger growing up?

BH: I’d say The Company Burger out of New Orleans.

Are there any “hidden gems” on your menu?

BH: The Cuban sandwich – a nice, hot, grill-pressed sandwich, and it’s a classic, too. We use sliced pork loin.

Do most of your culinary ideas come to you in the kitchen or somewhere else?

BH: When I’m out eating in other cities. I think that’s what happens to a lot of people. A little tweak here and there, and voila! It’s yours.

What experiences over the years have influenced your cooking?

BH: I’ve always been around it, at least in my adult life. I’ve just watched and been able to see the good food out there, and there’s bad food. Luckily, I’ve been able to work with a lot of people that put out good food.

What’s your favorite food?

BH: Italian seafood (frutti di mare).

What’s an ingredient people should use more of, in your opinion?

BH: Salt. You got to add salt.

When you’re not at the restaurant, what are you likely doing?

BH: Fishing or hunting or watching soccer.

What are your goals for The Craft Burger and yourself?

BH: To make a lot of people happy knowing that they’re getting a great product. For myself, just to become a better person all around. That’s all you can do. Keep pushing forward.