Naimah Elmore is certified barista and co-owner of Alicia’s Coffee LLC. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up in the Wylam area. Having worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry most of her life, Naimah believes the key to a successful business is to operate by the “Golden Rule,” which is to treat others how you would want to be treated. Talking about “paying it forward,” Naimah gives her two cents on the blessing of her community as a business owner.  

What is your background in the food industry?  

Since 2002 I have worked in several restaurants, mostly fast food. I usually get into these jobs and learn everything I can. Running a daily business can be tough if you don’t have the proper skills. Working for these restaurant companies helps me to understand waste products, counting inventory and money handling, but most importantly, customer service.  

How did Alicia’s Coffee come to be?  

The pandemic and Covid birthed Alicia’s Coffee. My business partner, Roc, and I were on the phone one morning, thinking of ways and things we could invest in. I was looking down at my coffee cup and said, ‘We are investing in coffee.’ Immediately when we hung up the phone, I started researching how to own a coffee business. When we started, we did not even have a name for our brand. Neither one of us had a background in coffee. We just love to drink a good “cup of Joe.” Roc and I are both certified baristas.  

What are your favorite menu items and why?  

Our cold brew in the 16-ounce bottles is my favorite to make because I feel like a scientist in the lab when we have to make them. You have to make sure the ratios are right, so they can blend great with the coffee so that nothing is overpowered. Each sip is refreshing. We make our own cold brew with our own blends.   

For newcomers, what do you recommend they try first?  

Our customer favorites are the “Bourbon Caramel” and the “White Chocolate Mocha,” so you could enjoy one of these flavors both as a hot or a cold drink. We will have our Danish back soon. The cream cheese and cherry flavors are number one. We recommend customers try something different to switch up their routine, and they usually like our recommended options, too.  

What makes Alicia’s Coffee special or unique from others in the community?  

Alicia’s Coffee LLC was founded on the belief that it is important to be productive servants; to support and serve our surrounding communities; and to give back to a community that once gave to us. The ambiance of our space makes you feel welcome and at home. We also have Bible study sessions every third Saturday of the month. Vincent historical and environmental groups meet here once a month, and you, too, can join this group and help grow Vincent forward. 

Alicia’s Coffee LLC is located inside Foundlings Annex in the heart of Vincent at 42735 Hwy 231. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6 a.m.-4 p.m. each day. Follow Alicia and the team on Facebook and Instagram @aliciascoffeellc.